Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nearly a year ago now, I took stock of all the pseudo-blogging I had done on various social networking sites--livejournal, MySpace, Facebook, etc. I discovered that I a) did a lot of hard-core whining about my life, b) did an equal amount of unadulterated squeeing about various fandoms, and c) posted a lot of ridiculous stuff. (Curse you, memes!) So I decided to create a proper blog, something serious. I picked a topic: women and science fiction. It was going to show the world that women could be nerds--and proud of it! Of course, grad school got in the way (as grad school will do), so I was just getting around to start it a couple of weeks ago.

And then I discovered The Park Bench, who does exactly what I wanted to do and does it perfectly.

Well, there goes that idea, thought I. I still wanted to write a blog to keep my writing skills sharp for the day when Steven Moffat makes the misguided decision to take a chance on an unknown or it's discovered by the faculty that I'm merely pretending to be interested in a career in higher education and I'm swiftly booted out of here. (Whichever comes first, really.) But what to do? Sadly, I was left with no choice other than to be myself. (Hey! Come back here! I'll give you cookies!)

So expect lots of squeeing on the following topics: Harry Potter; Doctor Who (this is my latest find so expect a lot on it); Buffy; The X-Files; Star Wars; Lord of the Rings; Thursday Next; House; 30 Rock; The Office; Monty Python; Blackadder; British TV; British comedy; British actors; British, well... anything; the BBC; PBS; reality shows involving food; reality shows involving the paranormal; English literature (esp. 19th Century); Jane Austen; Oscar Wilde; the Jeeves stories; Beat poetry; Anne Rice; Raymond Chandler; Kafka; European cinema (the more pretentious, the better); graphic novels; action figures; doll houses and miniatures; vampires, werewolves, and zombies; classic rock; folk music; la France; history; politics; travel; trivia; existentialism; feminism; Marxism; writing; academics; Macs; cats; shoes; and irony. I know I've left something out here....

And I'm sure the whining about my life will be unavoidable. But hopefully the whining and the squeeing will be more well thought out, insightful, entertaining, literate, and, um, proofread than what I've done in the past has been. And here's to avoiding memes!

I really plan to explain all the links and stuff on the side. So, to get started:
I am a shameless reposter. So if you're friends with me from other social networking sites, you may recognize a few things. At least until I run out of unoriginal things to say.


  1. Thanks for the wonderfully flattering link! Good luck with your foray into the "proper" blogging've come up with a great name/link for it already! Congrats!

  2. Doctor Who is E-Mazing! Not just amazing, E for like excellent. I only discovered it a year ago and promptly got all the seasons on netflix and pirated the rest, I mean... arg matey, gotta love surfthechannel. I too keep trying to flex my writing skills on my blog as well in hopes that one day I could be a food writer, or something, with me I could go any direction at anytime, it totally sucks sometimes having multiple interests!

    You know of all the scripts we did in grad school I remember yours the best and most fondly. I have daydreams occasionally about your tv script, I loved it!

  3. Elisse: You're welcome, and thanks.

    Celiac Kat: I'd go so far as to say that they're both brilliant and fantastic! I started watching them on BBC America when we were in LA. I've got Series 1-4 on DVD (although I'm going to have to go you're route for the specials, esp. the next 3!) and am getting the classic episodes from Netflix. They're quite an acquired taste. And thanks for the compliment on my script. I, too, find myself daydreaming about it... usually when I imagine my latest British actor obsession in the cast. I really enjoyed that fantasy script you were writing. Its world seemed really well actualized.

  4. By the way, I wish we lived closer to each other so we could help out with each other's scripts more like we did in college. I really miss is so vital, at least to me. I find myself trying to improve Across the Pond and I'm like, "I need Emily here!" G&T and others are helpful but they're not, like, ~in the know~...know what I mean?

  5. Me, too. Writing is so much better when you have people to bounce ideas off of--people, that is, who know what they and you are talking about. I should be doing another draft of A Young Ladies Guide to the Mishandling of Courtships, I've got a couple of spec scripts I'd like to try, and there's that tv pilot I wanted to work on. It's so hard to get and stay motivated when you're writing on your own. By the way, you can send me a draft of AtP if you want comments on it.