Infrequently Asked Questions
     things you didn't really want to know

Q:  Who are you?
A:  I am, among other things

A writer.  I studied creative writing as an undergraduate and have an MFA in screenwriting.  Apart from this blog, some of my achievements and projects are:

  • the first draft of a young adult novel that "won" both NaNoWriMo 2010 and Camp NaNoWriMo 2011 and 2012.
  • several film and television scripts, some of which have "won" Script Frenzy 2011 and 2012, and another that placed in the top 15% of the 2005 Nicholl Fellowship.
  • an original fantasy comic that I'm still developing.
  • a few short stories and essays and some bad high school poetry.
  • web content that I've been waiting years to be paid for.
  • a lot of article-length academic papers, a few of which are of publishable quality, fewer still that have actually been published.
  • an ongoing PhD thesis.
A closet historian.  I study national cinemas as a sneaky way into cultural studies.

An editor and a teacher.  Both drive me crazy, but one in a way I absolutely love and the other in a way I absolutely hate.  

A music aficionado.  I was a DJ in college--whether the radio kind or the club kind I'll just let you decide based on whichever you think is cooler.  I also learned to play piano and clarinet, and played bass in a rock band called Luke's Drunken House Party*.  

An Anglophile, and have been ever since my grandmother let me watch I, Claudius at the age of five.  American by birth, I'm currently living in the UK while doing my studies.  

A proficient knitter.  

As this blog will attest, a geek, nerd, and total fan-girl.  

Q:  Why blog?
A:  Many reasons.  First, my friends were doing it and it looked like fun.  Second, it's a way to keep myself writing (somewhat) regularly, and an easy way to get some writing out there, even if few people read it.  Third, I can address certain pop cultural topics I'm interested in that don't necessarily fit within my current research, and I can do so in a silly, light hearted way.  Fourth, it makes a nice break from other on-going writing projects.

Q:  Why is it called "Here Be Sarcasm"?
A:  I know, I know.  I don't exactly maintain the sarcastic level you might expect from, say, Cracked.com.  Basically, the title is meant to suggest that, as several cultural critics have pointed out, there is no sincerity on the internet as anything posted can be read sarcastically.  So why not beat them to it?

If it's the strange grammatical construction that you're wondering about, though, go look at a Medieval map.

Q:  I've read your brief profile but I still don't get it.  Why is your username Gregorette?
A:  Please read The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka and learn how to feminize names.

Q:  Is that really you in the picture?
A:  Ah, the internet.  Where every fourteen-year-old girl is a forty-year-old policeman.  You'll just have to take my word for it that those are my martini pajamas and Wookie slippers.  

Q:  Where else can I find you online?  Will you friend me on Facebook?
A:  Probably not, as most of my social networking accounts are for real life friends and acquaintances only.  However, you can follow me @gregorette and take a look at my Goodreads and my hardly-ever updated Pinterest

Q:  Can you tell us anything about those links on the side?
A:  Sure thing.  First of all, Other Blogs Worth Reading are other blogs that are written by people I know or that are just interesting.  In the former category are Hip Deep in Pie, a witty religious blog written by a friend from college; Frankasaurus, a blog that often discusses writing and features sock puppet book reviews by another friend from college; the (un)classified library, a library blog by yet another friend from college; Cinewise, a film review blog run by a friend from grad school; and This Is Good, Isn't It?, another review blog by one of my more intelligent former students.  In the latter are Mini Modern, a really cool doll house site, and the blog for the famed The Haunted Bookshop of Iowa City

Under the general links are my above mentioned Twitter, Goodreads, and Pinterest, as well as the institutions where I got my BA, MFA, MA, and will hopefully get my PhD, and then two of my favorite indie bookstores, Prairie Lights and The Haunted Bookshop

*Full disclosure:  "played bass in Rock Band at Luke's drunken house parties" might be a more accurate statement.

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