Saturday, December 15, 2012

I AM Liz Lemon

Last Sunday I made my television writing debut.  Okay, sure, it was only a one minute sketch on a student TV station (that only broadcasts on the internet), but still, it was pretty cool.

While I enjoyed the experience of making television, it was not unlike an episode of 30 Rock--minus the wacky hi-jinks.  What I had originally written was a 4 minute sketch parodying that (in)famous holiday video in which David Bowie duets with Bing Crosby, only this time it's Bowie hosting the special, and singing with... himself.  However, YSTV's Christmas special, appropriately named Christmas Imbroglio, was put together in only a couple of weeks, and so casting turned out to be a nightmare.  I ended up having to rewrite the entire thing about half an hour before we were scheduled to film. 

Here's what ended up airing:

Special thanks to the writer of This Is Good, Isn't It? for showing up and wearing the dress.  Better than I did (yes, it's one of mine), according to my mother.

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