Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pimpin' Stuff

Just a few more links to share.
  • Prairie Lights is an independently owned bookstore that has a great selection of books, coffee, and holds readings by all those great writers who seem to come through here.
  • And speaking of bookstores, there's also The Haunted Bookshop, one of our many used bookstores. Like Prairie Lights, Haunted has been an Iowa City institution for 30 years. Sharing the space with their thousands of titles are toys (including historical action figures), a record store, and two adorable cats. (By the way, it's not actually haunted, but named after the book by Christopher Morley.)
  • Mini Modern is a blog devoted to doll houses and miniaturists who eschew all that sappy Victorian/Edwardian stuff. Plus the blogger uses Doctor Who and Primeval action figures instead of dolls.
And because you should always pimp your friends' stuff:
  • Celiac Kat, a friend from Boston, documents her struggle to go gluten free. She also posts some tasty-sounding recipes.
  • Music, Movies, Shenanigans is an entertainment blog run by a bunch of people I also know from Boston. Many of them have their own blogs, which are also worth a read.
Finally, early last month, I and some of my classmates had a chance to work with controversial filmmaker Damian Longfellow on his latest documentary, "ExpoZebo."

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